Responsive Boilerplate

A starting point to responsive web design!

A lightweight (3kb) cross browser grid system, elegant & minimalist, made with only three main classes and 12 columns.
Build with mobile first in mind, fits any screen size, pre-packed with some extra css helpers for mobile devices.


Low learning curve.

Doesn't consist of a vast amount of complex classes, spans and styles for everything even those styles that you never use. Only with 3 basic classes.

Sublime text Snippets.

Include in the package: PSD Template, HTML5 starting point file for fast development and two Sublime Text snippets for CSS grid and HTML file.

Build with Grunt.js *

Packaged using grunt.js files to make your life even easier. But if you still do not have skill with grunt.js, you can use only the generated files.

Design for the future

All Major Browsers

Check it out the site demo on new window

TOOLS, Tutorials & Stuff.

- Sublime Text Snippets check it out.

- UI Components Rb-ui

- Powered by Jetbrains ( Webstorm ) Open Source Program.

- Responsive Boilerplate on Appliness #13 – April digital mag.

- Showcase javierhernandez


  • Website in Multi Language Version.
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